Your first contribution

Getting your first contribution on Avenue is simple and takes less than 60 seconds:

Creating a Room

You should get started by creating a Room. Rooms are collaborative spaces where you can invite others simply through an invite link. Out-of-the-box Avenue enables DAO2DAO and Org2Org collaboration.

To get your first contribution, start by clicking "New Outcome" on the right-side nav bar.

Your first Outcome

If you ever used GitHub, Outcomes are just like Pull Requests. They have a title, a body, a target and Automatic Actions.

You should start what you want your Outcome to target - it can be a Homebase (our organizational profiles) or a Hub (a sub-section of a Homebase). For now, select the "Avenue" Homebase and, after that, the "Interactive Onboarding" Hub.

Give it a title, like "Completed the interactive onboarding", and a description, like "Went through the interactive onboarding to get my first contribution."

Finally, you should select an Automatic Action. When Outcomes are submitted, the admins of the Homebase or the Hub you targeted have to accept or decline them. When an Outcome is accepted, any Automatic Actions that are associated with it will run. That means you'll be able to automatically get paid for work you do, record contributions on-chain, submit expenses and so on. For now, just select "Record Contributions".

After all this, this what your outcome should look like:

You're now ready to submit the outcome. Let's start by clicking "Post in Room".

Submitting an Outcome

When you post an Outcome, it is internal to the room. This allows you and your fellow collaborators to have a back-and-forth about the outcome before submitting it to a Homebase or a Hub.

The Interactive Onboarding Hub is a special Hub that accepts the first Outcome you make to it.

In the room page, click submit on the top-right of the Outcome preview

Getting your Outcome approved

After the Outcome has been submitted, admins need to approve it. Our Interactive Onboarding Hub is a special Hub that always accepts the first Outcome you make.

A few seconds after submitting the outcome, one of our admin accounts should automatically give you feedback (a thumbs-up) and, after that, approve it.

You'll see that any updates to the Outcome will appear in the Room and if you visit the Outcome, you'll see that it has been approved.

Outcomes to public Homebases and Hubs are public as well. In fact, you can open and comment on this very outcome here.

Minting your first contribution

If you visit your profile, you'll find something like this:

That's your first contribution! Anytime you have an Outcome with the "Record Contributions" action accepted, a custom contribution will be generated for you. Contributions can be on-chain or off-chain. By default, they're off-chain.

You can click "Mint" on the bottom and select your new contribution to mint it.

Minting happens through the Govrn protocol which is hosted on Gnosis chain. You'll need some XDAI for that which you can get through their official faucet.

After that, your contribution will show up on-chain! If you mint any contribution on the Govrn platform, it will automatically be picked up by Avenue and showcased on your profile.

That's it! Congrats on your first Avenue contribution!

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