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Avenue is the work platform for web3 - a place where Organizations and Contributors can ship their best work with workflows and features designed specifically for them.

Organizations can coordinate their team and contributors to achieve their shared mission.

Contributors can collaborate on work, submit it to Organizations and record their contributions on- and off-chain.

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How does Avenue work?

You can see a quick a demo or read more comprehensive docs below:

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Overview of Avenue


Gather your team, contributors and interested members together to pursue a shared mission. Create a Homebase for your organization by filling in this form.

By the end of it, you should have a starter Homebase that looks like this.


Hubs are areas to discuss specific topics and to let teams, guilds or interested community members get together, e.g. a Marketing or Onboarding Hub.

You can preview a Hub and click "Join Conversation" to join the Hub's chat. Hubs can also be used to manage Outcomes (more on those later.) Hub's can be private (only invite people can access them), public (anyone can join them) or restricted (anyone can see they exist but only invited people can access them).


Rooms are where the work actually happens. Get together with people you invite to work on specific projects or tasks.

After inviting them, define your objectives, and make things happen. Rooms don’t need to be tied to Homebases or Hubs, they just exist on their own and anyone can join them by following the invite link. Rooms can be created by anyone, to collaborate and (optionally) submit their work to any organization on the Avenue network via Outcomes.

Rooms don't have to exist forever - they probably even shouldn't! Once you're done, you can just archive them.


When you're collaborating in a room, you may want to ship something. On Avenue, that happens through Outcomes. You can summarize and submit completed work for approval to Homebases or Hubs. A Room can generate multiple Outcomes, meaning they can be submitted to the Homebases or Hubs of as many different organizations as you need - perfect for DAO2DAO and Org2Org collaboration!

Outcomes can have any number of participants and they inherit the permissions of their target:

  • If the target is a Homebase, it is public, meaning anyone can read it and comment.

  • If the target is a public Hub, anyone can read it and comment.

  • If the target is a private or restricted Hub, only members of the Room and the Hub can read it and comment on it.

Admins of the target can give feedback - like giving a thumbs-up, requesting changes or just leaving a comment. Thumbs-ups and change requests are non-binding - they're just visual indicators for other admins to coordinate on that Outcome.

Outcomes can either be Approved or Declined by admins. Both of these are terminal states: once an Outcome has been approved or declined, it can't be changed. It's not possible to submit the same Outcome to multiple targets simultaneously - you'd need to create multiple Outcomes.

When an Outcome is Approved, Avenue runs Automatic Actions. These actions replace a lot of the manual work currently done in web3 organizations. You can use them to do things like showcasing your contributions on your profile, getting paid automatically when submitting work (coming soon) etc. Please let us know which Automatic Actions and integrations you'd like us to add.

Milestones (Coming Soon)

There's a lot of work that happens behind the scenes when you're collaborating. For example, when you're writing an article or putting an event on, they don't just happen - there are a number of small but necessary steps that help you get there.

Milestones allow you to record and share progress when tasks are completed. Use them to update other contributors or to mint your work on chain.

To create a Milestone, summarize what work was done and who did it (and attach the work itself, if you want to). Once everyone involved has added it to their profile, you can mint it on-chain. PLEASE NOTE: if you mint a Milestone before others have added it to their profile, they'll be removed from the Milestone. Make sure every participant in that Milestone has added it to their Personal Profiles before minting so that you capture everyone who wants to be included on-chain.

Personal Profiles

Avenue lets you build a visual portfolio of Milestones and Outcomes. You can keep your contributions off-chain or mint them on-chain with a couple of clicks.

Share your profile and get others to join you on Avenue as you work together.

Discord Integration

Never miss a thing by syncing your Homebases with our Discord bot. When an outcome is submitted, Avenue automatically notifies the relevant admins. Once your Outcome has been approved, you will also be notified.

You can also automatically create Rooms from Discord and add the relevant people.

To enable the Discord integration, follow the instructions here.

Benefits of using Avenue


Unlike Discord, Avenue is built for productive work. From workflows to the stripped-back design, Avenue is designed to help you achieve your mission.

Built for web3

Token-gate your organization, add users with wallet addresses, and record contributions on-chain, thanks to seamless integrations with partners like Govrn and Guild (with more to come!)

Attract new members

Approved Outcomes are displayed automatically, attracting contributors who want to be part of a dynamic, productive org.

Available to everyone

Create a Homebase for your Organization or your own private workspace for free.

Next Steps

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  2. Learn how to get your first Avenue contribution.

  3. If you want to create a Homebase for your organization, fill in this form.

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