Discord Integration

Avenue’s Discord bot has two main features:

  1. To allow anyone to create a link to a Room from Discord

  2. To notify the relevant people that an Outcome has been submitted to the organization, or that the status of an Outcome has been changed

How to install it

Connect as a Discord and Homebase admin

  1. Visit this URL and follow the Discord instructions. Please note that you’ll need to be an admin of the Discord server in order to install it.

  2. Message Nelson on Twitter or shoot him an email to let us know your Homebase URL. We’ll authorize it on our side. Once Nelson has replied, please continue with the steps below.

  3. Click ‘Edit Homebase’ in the top right corner. If you can’t see this option, you may not have the required permissions. Please contact your organization and request they add you as an admin.

  4. Scroll down until you see the ‘Discord Notifications Channel’ option.

  5. Choose the most relevant channel or create a new one on your Discord Server. Pick a descriptive name, such as ‘Avenue Outcomes’.

  6. Click ‘Update’.

  7. Notify your team members they need to connect Discord as an individual to get notifications.

  8. The integration should now be ready!

You can now either start new Hubs or edit existing ones and add the relevant Coordinators who you’d like to be responsible for managing Outcome submissions from your teams.

You'll need to notify the Hub coordinators and Homebase admins that they need to connect their Avenue profile with their Discord account in order to receive relevant notifications on Discord. However, all your members can now start Rooms directly from your Discord server. See Available Commands.

Connect as an individual

  1. Create an Avenue profile and choose a username if you haven’t already.

  2. Visit your profile by clicking anywhere you can see your avatar (such as the square image in the top left corner.)

  3. Once on your profile, click ‘Edit Profile’ in the top-right corner.

  4. When the pop-up opens, scroll down until you see ‘Discord Connection’.

  5. Click the button and follow the instructions on Discord to connect your account.

You can also watch the instructions here:

Available Commands

  1. Make sure you’re in a public channel - if you want to use a private channel, you need to add our bot to it manually.

  2. When in Discord, type a forward slash (/)

  3. Choose from three options: /avenue new room - this creates a new Room /avenue my rooms - this shows all Rooms you’re in which were generated via Discord /avenue rooms - this shows all public Rooms in the entire Discord server

  4. If you choose /avenue new room, this will generate a private link that only you can see. You can either visit the Room, to change the title and description before you invite people, or you can share the Room you’ve just created, which will change the link from private to public, meaning anyone in that channel can now view and join the Room.

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